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Staring first Whole 30 on August 22nd!


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Though I have a little weight to lose, I'm primarily doing this because I need to do another elimination diet. I did a paleo diet a few years ago after consulting with a naturopath and realized I am allergic to dairy (which was awful to find out, because now I really can't have it ever) and that I'm gluten sensitive. I've been noticing recently that something else is bothering me and making me feel more lethargic than I'm used to, so I think it's time! I'm really excited about results, but not excited about that first two weeks though I think it'll be less harsh this time since after overhauling my diet that first time I really never went completely back to my crazy eating lifestyle. It actually took me three weeks to make it through the intense lethargy and muscle aches on paleo. It was intense, but all of my anxiety, depression, mood swings went away after just a few weeks on the program. If anyone else is starting on the 22nd or nearby, let me know! I'd love to chat throughout the process!

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