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Whole30 Ketchup w/o Seeds and Pours


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The Whole30 Ketchup is delicious but too thick and seedy, for me. The texture is almost that of a sweet marinara sauce. Like a lot of nice Italian girls, I grew up watching and cooking along-side my mom AND dad. A staple in our kitchen was, and still is in mine, the Foley Food Mill (strainer). We use it to pulse fresh tomatoes to making an amazing fresh applesauce and more. There are many versions of it, but this one is my favorite. You can buy them online or better yet, you can find them at many garage and church rummage sales. I just found one for $1.99 @ my local Good Will. You’ll see from my photos that the mill took out the seeds and strained the last pulp to a smooth, pourable finish without decreasing the amount made. I emptied out my store-bought wide-mouth ketchup bottle and Voila! Perfect ketchup easy to dispense. What didn't fit in the bottle, I put in another container in the refrigerator. NOTE: I used Medjool dates. (Not bad for Day 13)






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