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The big day has arrived


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Day 31 weigh in was extremely disappointing.  I didn't lose any weight. I have 30 pounds to lose, I just don't see how I didn't lose any.

I know, I know W30 is not a weight loss program, but you'd think a body would lose weight by eliminating processed foods from the diet.  What I gave up in the past 30 days was dairy, alcohol, sweeteners I already did not eat grains with the exception of Mary's gone crackers and Luke's crackers.  

During my W30 I had 5 bananas and 2 white potatoes (which I would not have eaten prior to W30)  I will not be eating these 2 foods the second go round. 

Trying to get my mental ju-ju back to carry on. 

My NSV- thankfully there were many:

I kept off the scale for 30 days.
Tummy flatter
Sleeping better- most nights
Fit into pants that were snug prior
More Energized
Starting to wake up hungry
Joint pain in my knuckle is improving, but not gone
I've been told I look good, I'm glowing, look like I've lost weight from various people
Wake up easier
I can be around non compliant food and not desire it
I do not need to have alcohol just because I'm offered it
Being in stressful situations are not nearly as aggravating as they were prior to Whole 30-like being stuck in the airport all day. 
My nails are growing faster and seem stronger, although I don't know how they could be stronger.  
I've tried some really good recipes over the past 30 days, some that will become part of my meal rotation.  

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Keep it mind that if your body is healing from anything - it will make healing itself a priority over weight loss.  Aside from that.....

Okay - re read your list of NSV 

Re read it again and let it really sink in.......

Do you think any of these positives are worth more than ANY number on a scale????  I would say this list is truly amazing and worth more than a number a scale.

The scale cannot tell you how muscular you are, or how healthy you are, or how truly awesome of a person you are!  Remember a scale number is only representative of what gravity's pull on you.  Not everyone will see weight loss numbers.  Just like not everyone will see the elusive "Tiger Blood".  Everyone is different.

Do yourself a favour.   Focus on health.  Throw out the scale. 


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Congratulations on all the benefits, flatter stomach is excellent!  I know how you feel about the weight loss!  


I need to start up the W30 again, but have been putting it off since last year as I don't want to give up red wine.  I think the one thing it taught me that it takes a while for our body's to adapt to something. Maybe take a small break and start again?


Are you exercising as well?

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach
5 hours ago, VintageSedona said:

Are you exercising as well?

I was going to suggest weight lifting if you aren't already.  You mention getting steps in but weights are super important too.  Even if its just body weight movements to begin with.  Check out Marksdailyapple if you need a place to start.  Gaining strength is such a *positive* goal rather that you have control over - vs weight loss which can be so out of your hands and frustrating.  

Have you had your thyroid levels checked?  It seems to be more and more common that people have low thyroid.  You need a full panel - not just TSH - if you are working with a functional med person though maybe you've looked into this already.  

Also, a break might be a good idea - at least from the focus of the W30.  I'm not implying go back to bagels for breakfast and Subway for lunch... (not that you did that - I'm exaggerating ;) ) but just loosen the reigns for a while.  Pick some other aspect to focus on - maybe nutrient density or something like that and spend time finding the most nutrient dense food you can - oysters, organ meats, etc and just give your mind a break from the "rules".   Do you measure blood glucose daily?  Maybe a month of experimenting on BG responses to meals what be worth while.  I find it hard to believe that 5 bananas and 2 white potatoes did you in this round... at least then you'd have data to know for sure.  If 1 banana = BG of 300 60 minutes later... yeah, maybe they should go, but if not... I'd hate to see you leaving behind foods that are tasty.  Are you taking a probiotic?  Eating fermentable foods?  Some of the podcasts I've been listening to lately are focusing more and more on the importance of gut bacteria on mood, weight loss, etc.  Everything really!  And Vitamin D - suddenly that is a biggy too.  

I've had some very frustrating W30s as well - if you search my name I'm sure you can find some of my posts :) I can honestly say that when I just accepted that I have the body I have and started focusing on other things (for me it was CrossFit and weightlifting) things changed more.  A moderator posted this somewhere else too.  Your body lets you do some amazing things I'm sure - focus on what it can do - and if it comes with 20lbs of extra fat right now, meh, whatevs.  Be happy, be nice to people, eat delicious food, smile, walk the dog... Sometimes people's perceptions of you are so much better than your own - if you are looking slimmer and glowing - roll with it.  Just be in the moment and be thankful.  

PS - this post was slightly motivated by taking care of 2 total care kiddos today with brain injuries at birth - some days you just have to take a step back and realize that a little extra cellulite is ok.  Myself included.  


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