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I'm currently on day 13 of my whole30, this is my 3rd attempt because I always seem to fall apart somewhere around this day every round. Mostly I end up getting frustrated because I feel like I'm a really picky eater normally and the whole30 just exacerbates that problem. I'm not a huge fan of many veggies and fruits and I've done my best to expand as much as possible, trying something new frequently, in an attempt to grow as an eater. Does anyone have any suggestions on sneaking veggies into foods? I know I'm an adult and should just suck it up and eat my vegetables like I'm supposed to, but I just can't bring myself to do it!


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How do you cook your veggies? Roasting them is usually the best way to go, it carmelizes the natural sugars and usually makes them a bit crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. You can roast just about anything.  Roast sturdy veggies, tossed in a fat, at high heat. I don't include anything "wet" with my roasted veggies (ie, no mushrooms, no zuke) because I don't like that the veggies tend to steam more than roast. I'll do a tray of baby potatoes, chopped carrots, green beans, brocoli and cauliflower at 450F until they are all done.

You may also try redefining yourself. Instead of calling yourself a "picky eater" which tends to have negative and immature connotations, you could say "I'm not an adventurous eater but I am trying to expand my horizons as much as I can".

Some ways to incorporate veggies though: cooked sweet potato mashed and then mixed into ground meat to form patties. Spinach chopped up into scrambled eggs. Omelettes stuffed with all the leftover roasted veggies. Blended soups (try this one from Mel Joulwan, it's super flavourful and very easy). This recipe for a butternut squash casserole is also really popular. You can try different dips and mayo based sauces as well. 

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18 minutes ago, ladyshanny said:

. I don't include anything "wet" with my roasted veggies (ie, no mushrooms, no zuke) because I don't like that the veggies tend to steam more than roast.

Never really thought of it that way, but by Jove you're right! I've wondered why I don't seem to enjoy roasted zucchini as much as I do broccoli and cauliflower --- probably because it doesn't get that good "char" to the same degree.

(well, that and I just love zoodles so that is usually my first choice for how to prepare them)

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Creamy soups, such as creamy zucchini soup. Widely adaptable to a lot of other vegetables, such as asparagus, broccoli, carrot, even potatoes. Lots of variations in the interwebs.

Recipes with chopped veggies in ground beef (or other meats), such as a beef enchilada bake or pastelons (plantain lasagna) or Whole30 cottage pies or meat loafs, etc. These are meals in themselves.

Veggies in frittatas, scrambles, egg bakes, and egg muffins. Tons of compliant recipes out there.

Vegetable dips and condiments, such as avocado tzatziki sauce, or salsas or guacamole, etc.

Good luck breaking the barrier!


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Hi bizzaregospel

I am also a picky eater and while I have not started my first Whole 30 yet, I have been slowly expanding my palette over the past few years. to put my picky eating in perspective, I didn't eat potatoes until I was in college (and even then, they were smothered in cheese). I am currently working on avocado.

One thing I do, is try to add little bits (I mean literally, small pieces) of whatever I don't like into things I do like. So for avocado, I may try to add a little bit to a bowl type meal (at the moment that means an Asian-style rice bowl). If any chucks are are too big and noticeable, I'll take them out, but the smaller pieces get eaten. And eventually I may get to the point where I will eat guacamole. 

Also, try combining those foods you don't like with other flavors/sauces you do like. I did not like tomatoes, onions, or peppers (of any sort) but one day I tried the fresh salsa from Chipotle, and found myself craving it later. I think I was craving the lemon/lime juice used in the salsa, but partly because of that salsa, I now eat onions and red/yellow/orange bell peppers (found I don't like the taste of green peppers and jalapenos are too hot if I have a choice). I'll even eat tomatoes on sandwiches or tomato-based soups now.

The other thing to do might be figure out what you don't like about your disliked foods. Is it the taste or the texture or both? Something else? That can sometimes help determine how to go about adding those foods to your "acceptable" list.

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