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Skin Breakouts, Darn It

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Well, here I am on Day 30, and lots of things are great. But not my skin. It's not better; it may even be a little worse at the moment.

I've had a weird itchy breakout on my forehead (and sometimes cheeks) on and off for the past year or so. Sometimes it's not bad, other times it's really itchy and blotchy. I had some issues with my job this past year that I thought exacerbated it; when I was really stressed out, there were days I looked like a teenage kid with acne. But I don't know if it's stress, or menopausal, or food-related. I was really hoping the anti-inflammatory nature of this program was going to help me pin down the source.

The only constants in my diet at the moment are eggs and coffee. I pray it's not eggs because those are a huge source of protein for me! Coffee, I can give up... and maybe that's what I'll try, starting Day 31.

For those of you experiencing this kind of thing: is there a cleanser or a lotion you use? I did put some Gold Bond foot cream on my forehead yesterday, and it did calm the itch. I don't know if my skin is too dry or too oily; it's hard to tell.

This is so annoying; when I was a teenager I always had nice clear skin while everyone else was breaking out!


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Errrr....ya, you might want to give eggs the boot first. I doubt it's coffee. I would suspect it might be eggs (my husband gets psoriasis if he eats more than 3 eggs a week and his "allergy" popped up over 1.5 years after we started eating eggs for breakfast every day).

It could also be a combo of stress and a food allergy or even just stress and the hormonal rebalancing that takes place for most people when the do the Whole30. 

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