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On Sunday I decided to have some bread with my compliant sliced chicken and mayo and the following two days, I had some itchiness around my jawline and had a little rash on my left forearm.  The face rash has since gone away and the rash on my forearm isn't itchy anymore.  I've read before that those with Hashimotos (autoimmune disease) can have a sensitivity to gluten.

I didn't have these rashes as often before my Whole30 (maybe 2 times a year, if that).  Just wondering if anyone had similar reactions.  Also, I am toying with the idea of just staying GF for life.  I really didn't eat much gluten before my Whole30 (I thought), BUT I wasn't reading all of my labels for gluten additives either.

My post-Whole30 plan has been relatively compliant (except for the portion of Coconut Bliss ice cream I shared with my boyfriend last night), so I'm pretty sure it was the gluten that did it

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