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I was so proud of myself for completing the Whole30 despite travel, parties, and hello-SUMMER.  No alcohol for all of July?!  I felt like a total rockstar (well, without the alcohol). Then I hit reintroduction and I did well, stayed with the plan with pride.

And then I went to Maine.  And my daughter asked to stop at the Goldenrod in York (if you know the place, you know).  And so some taffy happened-hello sugar.  And then brick-fired pizza happened.  And another candy shop in Ogunquit, Maine happened.  And now I'm fighting the demons.  I'm mostly fighting them off.  But wow-sometimes I feel like I need a serious exorcism with how strong the cravings have been.  I never was a huge desserts person, but I've always liked dark chocolate and candy.  I have discovered how horrible I feel eating it, and I definitely know that gluten isn't my friend.  I have incorporated almost everything from the plan in how I now eat, but [email protected], those cravings can hit hard.  And out of the blue.

So I'll be doing another Whole30 in the near future.  The very near future.  

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I hear you! When my husband went away for the weekend I went on a full blow binge. I was doing the reintroduction of dairy and when it got to the ice cream everything went down south. I ended up eating more ice cream and an entire bag of chips. The ice cream gave me a head ache and half way through the chips I just felt crapy. I wasn't enjoying it anymore. And the next day, bloated to the max. Took three days for it to go down. So yeah, when that sugar demon hits it hits hard. But I'm also happy I went through it because I'll always be reminded about the aftermath.

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