Working up to it - Start Date 9/1


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Hi, Teddie here,

I've done the 10 Day Detox, the 14FOUR, and now am working up to the Whole 30. Why? I felt good after the with the 10 Day Detox and would love to feel better than I do now. The novelty of the program is enticing....the stringency of the program is scary.

I'm hoping to minimize my arthritis and eliminate my severe leg cramps at night. I want to do away with inflammation. I'm hopeful.

I saw a post by a person who described herself as the "tail end of the Baby Boomers." Well, I'm the leading edge of the Boomers - turned 70 this year.

I look forward to communicating with all of you and supporting your endeavors.

Wishing you all the best,


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Hi Teddie! I was to start today on round 3. Forgot that I made my mashed cauliflower a couple of weeks ago with cream and butter, so I'm continuing on today, but my official start date will be tomorrow. I'm 59, and I can tell you that eating this way made a huge difference in how I felt! My first W30 was in September last year. It was tough, but worth it. My second was January, but I struggled every step of the way--winter depression reared its ugly head. And both times, I slid back into my old eating habits. Bad idea. Third time's a charm, right? So here's to turning 60 next year feeling better than ever. Good luck to you--it's good to get an early start on the forum so you can learn from those who have done this before. As you may have read, planning and prep are essential to a successful W30!


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