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Made it through Day 5!


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I'm Melissa, and I'm so excited to be committing to the Whole 30. The past week was a perfect storm of all sorts of yuck (hormones gone wild! craziness at work! depression! Grueling Lyme Disease treatments! etc.), but I realized that plowing through a plate of chicken parm, a thick slice of cheesecake, and washing it all down with a Diet Coke could NOT be helping my mood or situation. 

The first 3 - 4 days on Whole30, as advertised, were not fun. Not fun at all. I was depressed, panicked, angry, lonely, hungry, resentful - all of the "bad" feelings. 

But yesterday and today, I feel like the fog has lifted a bit and I've been enjoying my life again, feeling way less hangry, and looking forward to tomorrow - trying my best to take this one day at a time :) I'm hoping that through committing to the Whole30, I will get additional relief from Lyme Disease, improve my mood, have more energy, and fit into my clothes more comfortably (and maybe even have to buy some smaller ones)!

Thank you!

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