Salsa and sardines


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25 minutes ago, snarky said:

Hi everyone, I haven't officially started the program yet, but just getting ready.

I am wondering if I can have canned sardines.  Also, for store-bought salsa - what ingredients are not allowed?


Thank you!!


@snarky, you may want to read the rules of the program linked in my signature below.  Its very clearly layed out what ingredients in any item are not allowed.

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OK, so I read the labels and I have no idea whether my salsa has any sugar.  All ingredients seem OK, but I don't know how to take "natural flavors", so what do I do??


Oh and I HAVE read the rules and the books, and as detailed as it is, there are still some things that I wasn't able to find, so thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. 

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