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Starting whole 30 today


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My motivation for starting whole30 is several things. After reading reading and shopping I am starting today August 14, 2016!  I wanted to list my main motivations so I can be supported and look back at them as I go along.

#1 Tired of feeling tired and having mood swings and irritability. I want to feel like the real me and the best me without low energy and mood problems getting in the way.

#2 I'm tired of belly fat and generally looking older than my age of 43 when my genetics and family history should allow me to look and feel younger. I want to stop taking my relatively good health for granted. I want to stop abusing my body with sugar and toxins.

#3  I have had residual damage from Bells Palsy that I had 10+ years ago and I would like to see if this would help alleviate the symptoms at least some. (There is still some nerve inflammation and other problems with that side of my face). This is not a goal of the whOle 30 but would be a nice icing on the cake reward!

4)  I have a coworker a few years older than me who has diabetes, overweight, tired, and high blood pressure and on Friday had to wear a heart monitor to work due to complications and changes to her blood pressure meds. She eats pretty bad and I just got to thinking number one...I don't want to start having these kinds of health problems due to diet and number two maybe I can be an inspiration to her and tell her what I'm doing.

#5) I have a 7 year daughter. That is all I need to say about that.

Thanks and wish me luck#

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Hi!! Did whole30 help with your Bell's palsy? I've had it for almost 8 years and while I don't have severe issues like droopy face or the inability to close my eyes, I still can't smile or raise my eyebrows etc., I'm wondering if there is any hope that I'll be able to regain movement after this long or if it's too late to even try. 

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