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Beginning my Whole30 journey!


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Hello all!! I am excited to become a member of this community! The first time I heard about Whole30 was on Blisstree and an interview that Melissa gave. From that short snippet, I was instantly intrigued. Just the few short things I read really resonated with me, and my love of common sense approches to all things. :) That was on September 27. On Oct. 2, I ordered my book (ISWF) and by October 5 I had finished it.

My husband and I are starting on Oct. 15. This will give me time to clean up the pantry, do the necessary shopping (A lot has to come from the internet since we have limited resources where we are) and do some more reading before diving into this. But I am so excited, it's ridiculous. If I had everything I needed to begin, I would, actually I would have a week ago. But I was worried that if I didn't have everything on hand, I'd be tempted to rationalize eating off-plan and I don't want that.

I'm looking forward to this challenge and all of the good things that will come with it!

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