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I am not a cook :)


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Trader Joe's has several approved foods that are ready made or almost so. I would verify the labels though. I discovered sugar in a bag of hash brown potatoes. Boil yourself up a batch of eggs; they are great on the go food. Get bags of nuts that you actually enjoy eating and make snack packs. If you can invest the money, VitaMix and Blendtec actually cook your raw veggies into soup as you blend them, so that might work for you. I got a Blendtec at almost 40% off on Groupon. Of course, since I love to cook, I haven't actually tried that feature. If you like guacamole, that's really easy to make and you can eat it on meats or as a dip. And my last bit of advice is to experiment with cooking. It's a great money saver in the long run.

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