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Compared to some of the topics here, this is going to sound totally frivolous. But I love my hot sauce. It gives me so much satisfaction and flavor. But because I've off-loaded anything I deem questionable, my beloved Sriracha went in the trash 3 weeks ago. :(

I see that Horsetooth Hot Sauce is recommended in the book. But that is not local, and their shipping is twice the cost of one bottle of hot sauce! ARGH. Are there any other hot sauces that are recommended or that you have found to work pretty well?

I should add that I'm looking for a hot sauce to sprinkle on food in general, but also to make the Whole30 Buffalo Sauce with.


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Always read your labels, but I'm pretty sure Frank's is compliant and some versions of Tabasco are. Look up your favorite brand online and see what the ingredients say. If there's anything you aren't sure about, ask before you go to the store. But then, as always, check the label of the actual bottle you are purchasing to be sure it's the same as what was listed online.

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I use Tapatio or garlic Tabasco sauce, both are compliant. For buffalo sauce, I second the recommendation on Frank's regular. If you are looking at buffalo sauce beware of not only added sugar, but also added dairy! If you have a HyVee near you their brand Hickory House buffalo sauce is almost compliant (less than 2% of canola oil, so it depends on how closely you're monitoring that since it isn't at a restaurant).  

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