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Success with Endo/Cysts/Fibroids???


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For 10 years (I am 27), I suffer from severe pain/bleeding, cysts & fibroids. I've been on horome therapy and experimenting with that and may need surgery soon. I've learned that I should do an elimination diet properly to see if certain foods make me flare up more than others.


Has anyone on here done Whole30 for endometriosis or something similar? I have also been told to stay away from meats for the same reason too because of hormones, I generally pay extra to buy locally sourced grass fed meats/fish that are hormone free from small merchants. I hope to find a lifestyle change that will make me not have so many bedridden days being an active person and bring me comfort & peace. 

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Me! I was quasi-diagnosed with endo in 2009. Surgery, hormones, pain pills did nothing. I went off all of it when I realized how much diet impacted my symptoms. I've been at it with diet in one form or another since the middle of 2009. Though I've had some slip-ups (that I paid for...), I've been pretty strict and it paid off. The most helpful for me (in terms of diet) was a blood test from an integrative doc that listed all the foods MY body reacted to. Some of them are Whole30 compliant. I guess what I'm saying is it's important to play around with compliant foods to see what works. 


If you're not supposed to eat meat, I'm assuming you're supposed to eat soy or beans for protein? I'd stay away and stick to grass feed meats when you can. 

A few more things, since endo and fibroids are actual physical things. If you're open to physical therapy, look up people trained in the John Barnes method. I see a woman experienced in myofascial release. It helps break up adhesions, help get your organs back in place, and allow your convective tissue to relax.  Surgery and diet can't impact that as much. It feels pretty amazing to feel your body relax and feel like it has more space to function. It can help significantly with pain. 

Have you heard of serrapeptase? It's supposed to help break down adhesions, fibroids, etc. I took it a few times but stopped because I'm pregnant now. Here's a brand I've heard good things about: https://www.amazon.com/Doctors-Best-Serrapeptase-Vegetarian-Capsules/dp/B00EPQNAUC. I know women that have cleared blocked fallopian tubes with this stuff. 

Good luck! Any questions, I've been around the block and am happy to share. 

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Thank you so much for sharing. I can have meat & fish but it's been suggested red meat can effect endo symptoms. I will experiment with that elimination after Whole30.

As for physical therapy, I do yoga (and I'll do restorative/yin on crappy days) and it helps a lot. That has been my "physical therapy"

I will look up the Serrapeptase. My mom thinks I'm crazy and it's unnecessary to do this for my thing (but she's done Whole30 three times for figuring out her arthritis flare ups!). 

I'm very happy this worked for you that brings me hope I'll figure out a way to subside on top of my surgery and hormone therapy. I asked around this endometriosis group on Facebook too and got some positive feedback. 


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