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Compliant OTC Allergy Medicine


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Does anyone know of a Whole 30 compliant OTC allergy medicine?

I have year-round "seasonal" allergies (no food allergies) and will be pretty miserable if I go off those meds for 30 days and don't see counter-acting results from a diet change quickly.

I currently take a generic form of Zyrtec as that active ingredient seems to work best for me, but you have Zyrtec brand itself and then Kroger brand, Kirkland brand (Costco) and I'm sure Target, Walmart, Walgreens etc all have generic brands. I think it has both corn starch and polydextrose (a polymer of glucose) in it.

I also occasionally use the Clariten RediTabs when my mouth is particularly itchy and I need something that works really fast.


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To keep the Whole30 rules simple and clear, no amount of off-plan ingredients are okay in your food or drink during a Whole30, but medication is an exception. It would be okay to take what you are used to taking in this regard.

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