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30 days in the whole 30 with gastritis and autoimmune diease

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i need some help, ive been doin this for 30 days and my fatigue and is worse and i feel weak. since i started ive noticed my joints and muscles hurt more while doin this. i have an autoimmune disease and also was diagnosed with gastritis and im having bloating and pain. im eatting so clean and they still tell me i have IBS. the lack of energy is killing me, i need some guidance and direction. can i add some potatoes or rice back in for extrA energy? how long does this take til you start feeling better cause i cant even work out anymore cause i have no energy and my body aches so bad. thanks for your time. heidi


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Good morning, 

breakfast- bone broth protein shake with half a banana and unsweetened flax milk. 

Lunch- lettuces wraps with organic turkey, while 30 bacon, and just mayo, with 1 cup roasted sweet potatoes. 

Dinner 6/8oz of steak with chimmichuri sauce , cooked carrots and a side salad with homage dressing.

snacks, platain chips , blueberries and raspberries, 

 breakfast- bone brother protein shake

lunch- 8oz fresh caught sea bass with olive oil,raw  snap peas, 1/2 cup roasted sweet potatoes 

dinner- chicken with olive oil and cooked green beans, side salad with  homemade dressing. 

Snacks frozen grapes

i try not to do snacks but it's hard and when I'm working out I need extra fuel. Thanks for your help

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