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Melissa's First Whole 30


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*Trigger Warning: Off-plan foods mentioned! (But not consumed! For today, victory is mine!)*

Discovering this forum a bit late (just finished Day 7!), but I would love to share my journey here. I'd love some additional accountability and hopefully support as well! (I'm tagging all of my posts with "Lyme" so that any fellow Lymies out there can feel free to say hi...)

Day 7. I'm exhausted. Proud for making it through 7 days of the Whole30, which included some pretty dramatic mood swings and oceans of tears, but no cheesecake.

Tonight was the first night I was tempted to go off-plan. And I was tempted by really lame stuff - not even gourmet eats. I was walking through the corner convenience store to get seltzer and some lemons, and my eyes were drawn to all of these processed foods that I used to love - frozen dinners, protein bars, a huge stack of orange American "cheese" slices behind the deli counter...Like, what? THAT'S what looked appealing to me?

Anyway, I made it through the store without succumbing to this strange temptation. (I had to look away from the freezer by the cash register, though, which contained frozen "treats" that were packaged so attractively I had to avert my eyes...those shameless little tubs of ice cream. Pretending to be innocent because they're "mini" sized. I'm onto you, Ben & Jerry. I'm onto you.)

Anyway, I made it through the day. Feeling tired, still, but proud of myself for sticking with this program when just 8 days ago, I was eating my feelings. I haven't weighed myself, and I'm not registering too many non-scale victories yet because I'm still so exhausted, but to feel in control of my food consumption is a HUGE one for me. I had felt out of control around food for so long, so this is a big deal. Yay! 

Cheers to Day 8 tomorrow!

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Day 8! Wooo!

I took photos of myself on Day 0 and Day 7, and I can already tell that I've lost some bloat, especially in my midsection, which is exciting. 

Eggs, eggs, eggs today - plus some macadamia nuts; kale & broccoli with lunch; pork belly with brussels sprouts, ghee, lemon, and spices for dinner (home-cooked meal - delish! I always forget that I'm actually a pretty good cook!)

Feeling more upbeat today than I have been recently.

Cheers to Day 9 tomorrow, and wishing everyone much success!

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