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hello whole30 world!

i'm a 32 year old saxophonist, recently diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis. basically asthma of the esophagus. my fiancee and i are on day 2 of the whole30 in hopes of giving my system a break and letting some healing happen. we actually feel pretty good so far. confident. slight energy dip, but no significant "hangover" yet. we already spend tons of time in the kitchen and at the farmer's market etc.. 

ANYWAY, here's the rub. the above comment about kitchen and farmer's market happens about 75% of the time. the other 25% of the time i'm a touring musician.

any ideas or helpful hints about staying Whole30 compliant for the following scenario would be much appreciated:

i'll be on tour from September 2-14 mostly in the South East USA.

that means i'll be in a different city/town every day.

mostly in the car.

mostly eating at restaurants. i always stock up on healthy snacks for the car, so i'll still be doing this. but i can't eat exclusively apples and dried fruit for 2 weeks.

sometimes staying in hotels, sometimes staying with friends. but almost ALWAYS arriving at the place after the gig. 

basically, two weeks without a kitchen and pretty much without even a refrigerator. 


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I'm a bassoonist and I travel a lot for performances.  I try not to do a full-fledged Whole30 when I know I'll be on the road without a kitchen for an extended time, but my "normal" diet is basically the slow-roll reintro—mostly compliant, but slightly relaxed about whether there is a tiny amount of sugar or non-compliant oil in something should I happen to go out.  I avoid dairy almost all the time (makes me phlegmy--not good for performances) and never eat gluten.  Here are some thoughts, with the disclaimer to of course read all labels and ask lots of questions.

Bring a cooler you can fill up with ice each day at your hotel or homestay.  

Get into a rhythm where you eat before the gig so you're not hungry afterward.

Grocery store hot bars: the better grocery stores will post the ingredients of their hot bar food.  Wegmans (I know they don't have a big profile in the SE, but you never know where you'll find one) and Whole Foods usually have options that work for me.  

Other grocery store convenience items I stock up on: precooked hardboiled eggs, grilled chicken breasts (if you can find compliant ones) rotisserie chicken (again, if you can find them without sugar or non-compliant oils), canned tuna (order a case of Wild Planet from Amazon before you leave), olive oil and balsamic vinegar, salt grinder, single serve packets of Wholly Guacamole, avocados, baby carrots, celery, mini peppers, bagged greens (I'm weird but I'm not above eating handfuls out of the bag/carton), olives.  I'll also eat raw cucumber and zucchini whole.  If you'll have microwave access get bags of frozen veggies, which can be eaten hot, room temp, or cold.  In a pinch, let the frozen veg thaw and eat it cold.  It doesn't sound appetizing ,but there are worse things.  Fruit.

When you do have kitchen or microwave access, cook a bunch of potatoes or sweet potatoes for the cooler.  

A go-to meal for me is to pop of the top of a can of tuna, drink the broth, pour in olive oil and balsamic, grind some salt on top and eat it out of the can.  Supplement with whatever veg I have.

If they're not a trigger for you, do stock up on some "emergencies only" Lara or other compliant emergency bars.  But do your best to never need them.

Hope this helps.

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