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howdy Whole30 folks!

i'm a 32 year old saxophonist living in brooklyn, ny. i was recently diagnosed with eosiniphilic esophagitic (basically asthma of the esophagus) and decided to try to subvert the going-to-doctors-and-taking-meds-for-my-whole-life scenario by making some lifestyle changes. so here we go!

my fiancee and i are on day 2. i work at a farmer's market and we already spend a ton of time in the kitchen, so we're luckily predisposed to this type of eating i think. but this'll be cutting way down on my "oh my god i'm a musician what am i doing with my life" cheese and chocolate intake. you dig?

anyway, i'm home in brooklyn about 75% of the time and on tour about 25% of the time. everything seems pretty self explanatory now, but once i hit the road.. i'm at a loss.

any suggestions, ideas, questions, support - all are welcome. thanks!

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