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Whole94 for healing the gut, starting August 17th.


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So I'm starting tomorrow (August 17). This time it's not for 'feeling better' or 'general heatlh' but for genuine medical reasons, prescribed by my GP. Could the motivation be any better? lol!
I say BOO! to yeast infections
I say BOO! to Leaky Gut Syndrome
I say BOO! to hormonal disruptions leading to period disappearance
I say BOO! to toxic bacteria in my gut
I say BOO! to chronic migraines

I say WOOOOOH! to life ;)
‪#‎whole94‬ (12 weeks, to start out :P )
In addition to the Whole30, I also have to keep carbs to a bare minimum and really limit nightshade and nut intake. My posts might therefore be a bit on the 'expressively low-carb' side ;)
I had my perfect pre-W30 meal out with my boyfriend, and I have zero regrets and looking super forward to healing myself and thriving on life and all it's great aspects.

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