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Hello all, 

this regime was suggested to me by my naturopath who has been treating me 1 yr  for loss of taste.  I have tried numerous supplements with him and we have always had to backpedal, at times I regained my taste, others I revered to no taste.

I noticed this issue almost immediately after I started eating Keto; although it was challenging for me to get enough fat in my diet to be keto, I avoided wheat, grains, then went to no dairy.  I noticed my taste buds were very blunt -- I mostly noticed a lot of salt, and a general sweetness without any of the other subtle notes.  For example, when I ate dark chocolate, I could taste a little sweetness and a lot of bitterness -- nothing in between.  Here lately, I was eating out and not respecting much of my keto/paleo diet b/c I was working and would eat wherever I could at times.  And, I was mostly eating sweets which of course I would like to minimize or avoid.  Oh, and I wasn't eating fruit until I started w/W30 b/c that's part of the keto eating style.  And, it can be a trigger for me.  I am hoping that the W30 will reset my tastebuds.  I have tried everything I know including a naturopath, and my ENT doctor, who gave me a smell test and I did very well on.  The ENT even went as far as to do a head scan to see if anything was amiss -- and it isn't.  My naturopath on the other hand says it's clearly lack of minerals, but he hasn't hit upon resolving the issue either.

Oh and for a long while, I woke up w/a tinny/sour unpleasant taste in my mouth, and one of the other symptoms is that I is that after I ate, it felt like I hadn't eaten at all, this compounded w/dry mouth (which I have at times).  I drink a lot of water, although when this started the lemon water I was drinking tasted really sour, and I have also tested for Sjorgen's and those results are negative as well.

As an update, I am doing better, some of my taste returns, and then seems to disappear.  It seems I have lost sense of whether my taste buds are on or off at times.  My next step is to complete the W30 and then return to my naturopath's for further treatment.

So my question is:   has anybody else experienced this?  Does anyone have any possible explanation or suggestions?  And, mostly, has anyone experienced this and then had some relief after completing the W30?


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