How Safe is Kombucha?


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We just tried kombucha yesterday and now the whole family has been feeling sick and having a bad stomach reaction. I researched kombucha thinking maybe we drank too much our first time, which is possible- we had one store bought kombucha for three people and drake it over a day. However in my research I was concerned to find even the American Cancer Society saying Kombucha has no health benifits but has caused death, anthrax poisoning, and other serious problems, especially if you make homemade kombucha. Some research said kombucha is more risky that keifer and yogurt because it grows more of a variety of bacteria, some of which are not good for you. Also in lab testing it tested as an antibiotic and I have to say it did the same thing to my stomach as antibiotics do to me. They also say kids should not drink it as their immune systems are more at risk and my son got the sickest of all of us and all he had was maybe an eighth of a cup of it.

Clearly since I eat Paleo I do go against the "common teachings" about food but growing bacteria seems risky. I have googled "kombucha safe paleo" and found paleo sites saying kombucha is good for you but none addressing or even mentioning the health concerns others have raised against it and refuting those directly.

So, how safe is it?

And, if you are avoiding yeast because of candida should you be drinking kombucha?

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I understand how what you found on the internet worries you given that you and your family experienced some stomach distress after drinking a little kombucha. I experienced a little stomach distress for the first two or three days of drinking a full bottle of kombucha per day. Kombucha is a live culture to which the gut reacts. The reaction is not all good, all the time, at least at first. However, for me, things settled down by the 4th or 5th day and I think it helps my digestion. I have been a bottle a day kombucha drinker over the past few months.

Lots of advice about food is wrong, biased, warped, misplaced, etc. I read the stuff you found on the internet, but am planning to drink a bottle of kombucha with my lunch today anyway.

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RevKT -

It could be that your family's gut bacteria were particularly responsive to your Kombucha :0) My guess is that you'd have the same reaction to a high quality probiotic as well. My kids and I have varied reactions to too much Booch as well. If you want to keep drinking it, perhaps start with a couple of oz a few times a week to acclimatize.

That being said, you can find information out there to scare you away from everything from cast iron pans to homemade mayonnaise. Consider the source, the funding, and the purpose for every study or finding you read. That always puts things into perspective for me.

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