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Not missing any non-compliant food except oatmeal


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I had been interested in a Whole 30 for some time.  Bought the book many months ago and purged my home of all non-compliant foods as

I slowly started to incorporate compliant foods - meals.  I didn't have an official day that I can claim as my start day as my intent was just

to become more familiar with the plan.   After a few weeks of getting used to the food/meal timing/ prep work  I quickly decided this was for me and have been compliant ever since. 

I can't give you the exact date that nothing passed my lips that was non-compliant but, I know it's been well over 30 days. ( I had intended to do an official Whole30 in Jan).

That being said, the only thing I am missing is oatmeal.  I do resistance training 3X/week and was thinking of adding in the oats & egg whites for my post-workout meal.

( plus will have a little bit for lunch and dinner on the day I re-introduce to check for any adverse symptoms)  but, basically I only desire to have oats on resistance days

As time goes on and I feel the need to try something else say Cottage Cheese or maybe black beans could I just make sure that I've not had any oatmeal for a few

days and test one of these individually to see how it effects me?  Guess what I am saying is there anything wrong with a very delayed drawn out re-introduction as

I get a craving or desire to eat a food not on the Whole30 plan?     I LOVE the way I feel and really have no desire to eat any of the things that are not on the plan with

the exception of oatmeal ' at this time' 



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I've deleted the extra copies of this topic, it's just some kind of glitch that happens sometimes -- people post once but it shows up multiple times. 

Your plan sounds okay. When you reintroduce anything, pay attention to both physical symptoms and psychological.  Some people find that certain foods cause them to feel anxious or depressed. Also, with something like the oats that you're planning to eat most days, keep in mind that you may not notice any symptoms with a small amount one day, but they could show up over time as you consume more of that item. So if you start to feel less good, and oats are the only thing you've changed, they could be causing issues even if you showed no reaction at first.

You might want to read the article about a slow roll reintroduction which is basically what you're describing. http://whole30.com/2014/09/dear-melissa-slow-reintroduction-roll/

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