what can you make ahead for the 7 day meal plan

Marianne Hobbs

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I am going to start the whole 30 September 5th, I just finished reading the book and have been browsing the web sites for all the information l can absorb. I am kinda worried about the meal planning, as I don't like to cook, but am willing to give the recipies a shot. My question is on the 7 day meal plan what things can i do ahead of time to make the job of cooking a bit easier? like can you make the dressings up ahead of time, cut up some of the veggies etc. Since I haven't really cooked too much lately it seems a bit overwhelming.

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I can't remember exactly what's on the seven day plan, but in general, you can make dressings and sauces ahead. Many vegetables can be chopped up ahead of time, especially hardier ones like your root vegetables.

You might check out this page as well:  http://meljoulwan.com/paleo-101/

Read through the Method Behind My Madness article and see if you'd prefer to do your food preparation that way. You'll also see four weeks of whole30 meal plans based on that method.

You can do the seven day meal plan if you prefer, but it sounds like the weekly cook up might be a better fit for you, or you could find that you kind of do a mix of the two. Over time you'll find what works best for you.

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