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Day 22 - Feeling Amazing!


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I'm on Day 22 and coming into the home stretch on my 4th Whole 30.  I thought it was my third one, but realized it's number 4. LOL! That cracks me up as when I did my first one I wondered if I'd be able to do it for a week.  I'm posting because I just realized that I'm almost done and that I guess it has taken me 4 times to not be so results oriented and just enjoy eating this way and feeling this way.  What way you ask?  When I eat Whole 30 I'm never starving for my next meal, I don't crave pizza, chocolate, ice cream etc and I enjoy all of the food I eat.  I feel happy because I know I'm taking care of myself and I'm never starving.  After being on so many diets where I was just always hungry or even not on a diet and always being hungry it's nice not to be.  My stomach never hurts and after getting past the first 2 weeks I do have tiger blood and my sleep is great despite stress and life being nuts.  My workouts are great and I'm now energized enough to start running again as the first two weeks I was so tired I stuck with yoga.  I like having the option now that I feel good.  The hardest part is keeping my sink empty from dishes and meals, but that's a small price to pay for feeling good. Excited to finish this last week and a day and continue on after.

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