Canned Sweet Potatoes and Sugar

Barbara Giamanco

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If the list on the can indicates zero sugar but there is 7g of sugar listed in the actual ingredients, is this product compliant with Whole 30?

Some people are saying yes. They say it is the "natural" sugar of the potato. I'm suspect and have avoided most cans. I used fresh, roasted sweet potato for the salmon cakes and loved it.

What do we go by, though? The list of items indicating how much sugar, protein, carbs, etc. or the list of ingredients it says are in the can?



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Think of it this way: 

If sweet potatoes grew with nutritional labels on them and you went to pick one, you'd look at the label and it would say however many grams of sugar. But you just picked it out of the ground! You know nothing's added! Then it's naturally occurring sugars and it's fine. Same thing with a can of sweet potatoes where the ingredients are just sweet potatoes :) 

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