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Day 1 - Whole30


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Started Whole 30 today!  Spent yesterday cleaning out kitchen cabinets, & fridge, which resulted in practically nothing left.  Made a grocery list for the 1st week and went shopping.  Stayed up too late prepping food, but I'm glad I did!

The frittata was amazing and very filling.  It's nice not to have to track everything I eat.  (I've done Weightwatchers for years and live with guilt about constantly going over my points and/or craving food all day!)

It's great to see all the support and advice with this program.  I was hesitant about starting now since I have a lot of balls in the air right now with work and moving to another state soon, but there will always be something, right? 

So far, so good.  The afternoon is when I start craving sugar hard, so I have boiled eggs, strawberries and a can of olives as my defense against the "sugar dragon".  Wish me luck!


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