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Starting Sept 8 the day after vaca


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So my acupuncturist is the one that recommended I use the Whole30 to reset my metabolism and to in general start feeling better.  My life over the past 6 years has been REALLY stressful.  Living in a separate state then my husband because of family needs, starting a business, having both in-laws diagnosed with terminal illnesses in a different start then my husband or I lived in, having both my parents also get sick the same year, in-laws dying 6 weeks apart, husband retiring and now getting used to being together 7 days a week.  Add to that I am of an age where I have started menopause.  I am looking forward to the Whole30 helping me with hormone levels being all over the place and a metabolism that has decided to quite.    I would be starting sooner but Ed and I are heading back to see family for a week filled with 2 birthday parties, a Jimmy Buffet concert with friends and a family reunion.  So September 8, ready or not here I come!! 

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