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August 15 start


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Here I am on Day 7. I am freakishly unsophisticated when it comes to forums and blogs, so didn't come here before yesterday.

I started this out of curiosity mostly . I do not have a sugar dragon to tame, but I do own a whole bevy of bread and cheese minions, in all its permutations, that I struggle with daily.

So far, I am pretty sure I haven't cheated! The food is plentiful. The book is comprehensive. I miss miss miss sourdough baguettes and my Asiago. But I can go without for 30 days.

My only issue thus far is trying to eat enough, at the right time, to manage my workouts without feeling dizzy, nauseated and overall weak. So far, not succeeding.

I have not weighed myself, but I would venture to guess I have lost at least 5 pounds . My clothes are all loosy goosy.

Tata for now.:D

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