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Shelley's Re-start log October 10


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Day One. 

Goals:  1. Weigh 140

             2. Meditate Daily 

             3. Walk 3 times per week 

             4.  Increase sleep to 7 hours per night 

             5.  Reduce amount of protein per meal to 6 oz per meal with more vegetables

              6.  Stop cursing 

              7.  Be kind 

              8.  Take supplements 

              9.   Drink more water - 64 Oz. per day 


Breakfast: left for work before I could eat 

Lunch:  tuna fish and salad 

Dinner:  1 best chicken thigh

               Kale coconut soup 


Sleep:  7 hours


Supplements:  Yes am 



2 turkey meatballs, 1 cup spaghetti squash with coconut butter. 

Made me feel overfull and sick to my stomach.  Maybe i am eating too much so that I don't have to snack before lunch.  Need to cut portion and see how that works. Or maybe  it's just too greasy for me I the morning. I don't understand why everyone loves the coconut butter. I find it dry and heavy.   I need to lighten up what I eat. 

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Coconut butter needs to be gently heated and stirred before eating (at least the first time). It is better to let it warm in a pan of hot water, but I have microwaved a jar once or twice. When the coconut butter is soft enough, stir it to mix the parts together. Once you get the full effect, you may be sorry I told you how to approach coconut butter.

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I had indigestion all day from those turkey meatballs. I never have indigestion. I need an alternative breakfast to eggs for some days but no ,meat in the morning. Are the broccoli fritters described in one of today's posts ok or is that paleofied food?

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