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Tracking Non-scale Victories- please help!


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Hi all- I need a little help and thought others might have encountered this before

Embarking on my second whole30, this time with my whole family. (I'm not too enticed by the prospect of group "dieting" but I really wanted to encourage my parents involvement so here we go...) The rest of the family is following a more broad crossfit PFC diet, but I am doing another whole30. As a family, they wanted to do teams and make some competition. They will all be weighing in weekly, and I'm struggling to find a way to quantify a non-scale victory to participate with this. I'm not interested in weighing in as it is a trigger for me and builds unhealthy food and body relationships for me. 

I'm wondering if anyone has found a way to keep up the no-scale aspect of whole30 but participate in this kind of group challenge before? 

Any experience or ideas appreciated!! 

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