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Whole30 Day 1 :)


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Very happy to be starting the Whole 30 today! My mind is definitely where it needs to be for this journey, hopefully it stays there! I have been working out with a personal trainer for 3 months, eating healthy (or so I thought) and I feel like crap?!?!? Tired, irritable, constant stomach pain and gas....it's awful and I'm sick of it! A friend told me about the Whole 30 a few months ago but I didn't think I could actually do it and wasn't in a place to do it then but I am now! I've been planning and prepping for about 2 weeks and I can't believe day 1 is finally here. So far the day is going great, I love my food and the hunger pains are probably more because I'm at work and have a desk job so my mind is quite often on food lol 

Anyways my name is April and I'm happy to be here, would love to get to know some of you and share this 30 day journey :)

Let's do this!!!!

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