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what does "some fruit" mean?

Jon's wife

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Fruit and vegetables are not equal partners in health. The only reason to eat fruit is because it tastes good. Veggies provide more of every nutrient and vitamin than fruit. The Whole30 encourages you to eat veggies at every meal and to be careful that you do not let fruit crowd veggies off your plate. The general idea with fruit is that you are fine to eat none at all because you will get more vitamins and nutrients from eating veggies. When a particular fruit is "in season," eating two fist-size servings per day is fine, but the main thing is that you stay focused on eating veggies.

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Technically it's complaint, but if you've read the rules you'll know that smoothies are certainly not encouraged (Melissa herself says 'we'd rather you didn't'). Apart from the fact that the body processes liquid food much faster than solid food leaving you hungrier sooner, smoothies also tend to be fruit heavy and can adversely impact blood sugar.

Your particular smoothie lacks the protein which your muscles need postWO, and with the sugars in the fruit it will preferentially replace liver glycogen when you want to be replacing muscle glycogen. Coconut water is a light fruit juice and is recommended only for endurance athletes or for those whose work leaves them prone to dehydration.

Try sticking with the recommendation of a lean protein & an optional starchy veg (depending on your fitness goals) - it's only 30 days and you might be surprised by the results.

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So, my husband and I are on day six (yay us!). I made a fruit salad from the Meal Planner website. So this recipe makes a simple syrup with dates and dried apricots that you add spice to and pour over chopped fruit and let it sit in the fridge over night. 

Oh, my holy goodness gracious love for sweet heaven! Hubby and I ate a too large portion (cup or cup and a half) of this at breakfast after our egg/veg/pork chop scramble while discussing the possibility of this being off plan. I have been waiting to see if Sir Sugar Dragon rears his ugly head - so far, no for either of us......

So here I am requesting guidance.

ALSO, Coconut Cream, really? this is ok? This stuff is too good to be true! 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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