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post workout recipe ideas?


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My husband and I are starting our second whole30 today and he works out 4-5 days a week and always goes for a hand full of nuts post workout because he needs something ''quick''. I want to clarify what is supposed to be the post workout meal, it's carb and protein, but no fat right? 

And could a pre workout meal be an average breakfast with protein/fat/veg?

I could use some suggestions of things I can make that can be reheated easily for the post workout meal.. (And I should mention he hates sweet potatoes, which is one of my fav things, so sad.. ;(

maybe an egg white or chicken sausage veggie frittata or something with white potatoes? or are whole eggs ok?    I'm blanking on other starchy veggies..

Also, I work out most mornings after my normal egg/veggie/fat breakfast, but it's really only 20-30minuts total of cardio and stretching, does that need a post workout meal-or mini-meal?




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This topic has been discussed hundreds of times. Use Google to search Whole30 post-workout meals or similar search terms. 

Post-workout meals are meant to get protein to the body quickly. That requires no fat (or very little) because fat slows digestion and keeps protein from reaching muscles within the window when they are especially open to protein. The key to post-workout meals is simple. I eat a can of sardines packed in water as my typical post-workout food. Then you can eat a regular meal 30-60 minutes later and it will be fine. 

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