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Delicious way to dress up fizzy water


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Earlier this summer I was at one of those fancy olive oil and balsamic vinegar shops, and they were sampling soda water with a teeny bit of Grapefruit White Balsamic in it. YUM. 

Compliant and Yum.

I love La Croix but I live in Canada and its hard to find - this has proved a delicious substitute.

I add about a half teaspoon of balsamic to a tall glass of sparkling water from my soda stream. Its amazing - I promise!

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La Croix is good, Crystal Ice (the clear stuff) is a tad better, but I have found that I enjoy Dasani sparkling water the most.  It has more of a fruity taste and is Whole30 compliant.

I've adopted Nourishing Tradition's way of sparking up sparkling water and that is with either lemon or lime and just a pinch of sea salt (for trace minerals).  Plus the addition of sea salt makes quite a show.

Walmart sells La Croix and most other grocers sell the clear Crystal Ice as well as the Dasani.


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