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That seems really short to me, though. The mayo supposedly keeps until the exp. date of the egg you use, so it seems like the Ranch would too. I kept my Sunshine Sauce quite awhile in the fridge, though it did eventually go bad. Again, I would think it would last as long as the most perishable ingredient. Sometimes exp. dates are more about when they are best used by, before they separate or some of the flavors go a little off.


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Sunshine goes bad a bit quicker because of the coconut milk. Mine rarely lasts more than about a week without going fuzzy.  But it's so delicious that it doesn't usually stick around that long.

Mayo would last longer but as soon as you put coconut milk or herbs in it, it shortens the expiry on it.  

2-3 days does seem short but that's probably also a bit of bum-covering on the part of the recipe writers. I would do the sniff/visual test and then eat it up! :)

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