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Day 18 - Tiger Blood??? (I think so!!)


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So it's Day #18.

I'm sleeping like a baby (8 hrs last night) and I've battled insomnia for the past 10 years.  My "go to" coping mantra for the past decade has been "sleep is over-rated."

I feel wonderful:  content, calm, no mood swings.

My physical strength is slowly getting better.  Running (marathon training) is gently improving each day.

I. Am. Not. Hungry.  I enjoy the food on Whole30 and I like to cook.  Cravings and hunger pains are gone.

Body FAT is melting away!!!  I was a scale and sugar addict.  I have not weighed myself (and that's been tough!) but my clothes are a lot looser and I am thinner.

NEWBIES (like me)......hang in there!!!  It's worth the temporary discomfort to make it to this point.

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