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W30 accountability log


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11 hours ago, Katrina Simeck said:

Congrats on starting Whole30 - we're only a day apart in start dates. :) I'm curious as to why you aren't eating vegetables? 

Hi!  Good luck on your journey!  


I haven't had many vegetables except sweet potatoes, fresh green beans, and tomatoes so far but am heading out to the farmers stand for more today.  I'm not a veggie lover so it's hard for me to make a complete switch. 

This week I plan to make spiraled zucchini for pasta and cauliflower rice stir fry!  I also got some compliant salat dressing from Amazon and that will make big salads much more tolerable!  


Wish me luck, I hope I can get more creative.  Thank you!

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Breakfast was a banana and an orange on the go, then I had 2 hard boiled eggs (I used my primal mayo and some paprika to make deviled eggs).


Lunch was some Salaomi slices, broccoli dipped in guacamole and a mixture of yams/sweet potatoes and peppers sautéed in lard.


I didnt feel like dinner but had half a cucumber, a tomato from the garden, and a few carrots.


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