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Suggested Slow Roll Reintroduction for Gluten Grains?

W. Eric Rau

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I'm did my first Whole30 in June and have been doing my (very) Slow Roll Reintroduction of the eliminated foods since July 1, still feeling generally great and with lots of NSVs as well as pretty significant weight loss as of August 1, the last time I stepped on a scale (I'm going to do that monthly). I'm finishing up with my dairy reintroductions on Saturday, August 27, which means I can begin reintroducing the final group - gluten grains - as early as Tuesday, August 30. I plan to start my second Whole30 with Melissa and everyone else on Monday, September 5, so I have enough time remaining that I could split my Slow Roll Reintroduction of gluten grains into two days, Tuesday, August 30 and Friday, September 2, and still have two Whole30 compliant recovery days after each of those dates before I begin the next Whole30.

Do I need to split gluten grains into separate days of experimentation like I did with legumes (beans and hummus, then soy, and then peanuts), non gluten grains (corn, then white rice, and then brown rice), and dairy (yogurt, then butter, cream, and sour cream, then hard cheeses, then soft cheeses, and then milk and ice cream)? For example, is it preferable or at least helpful that I do a day of wheat products and a separate day of rye products (I probably won't bother with barley since I rarely ate it pre-Whole30)? Or should I do a day of refined grains and a separate day of whole grains? What are your thoughts? Thank you!

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