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Menstrual Disorders


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Hi! New on The Whole 30 since August 17. I'm a Little bit scared because I had my period for second time this month starting day 4 and it has not stopped yet when it usually lasts 3/4 days, and today is my day 10 on the program. Has this happened to anyone else? 


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Hi @Taurita - this is pretty common. You posted in the Ladies Only section of the forum, have a look around, there are lots of threads that discuss late, early, multiple, erratic menstruation during a Whole30.

If you are concerned, please seek medical assistance, no one here is a doctor and we cannot provide medical advice.

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Thank you very much for answering. (It's the phone writing this psyco) . I browsed the comments but they were so old! Sorry for repeating the topic. I will wait till Monday and if it doesn't stop I will go to the GIN. Thanks again, this is so new. 

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