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Please help me change my ways!


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Hi there- for the past few years I have been relying heavily on pre workout and thermogenic fat burners to help give me energy to work out and to lose weight. I have now discovered whole30 and the error of my ways. I realize how bad they are and I am ready to ditch them for good. I still have about 30lbs to go.

However, having used them for so long, I feel weird not doing anything before a workout to get me "pumped" for lack of a better word. I usually lift weights 3x/week and do Insanity (HIIT cardio) 2X, then have active rest days where I walk and play with my kids.

I would love some advice or to see how other's structure their preworkout and post workout snacks in order to maximize my workouts. Thanks so much for your time!!


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The recommendation from Whole30 for pre and post workout meals is below. 

PRE: half a meal amount of protein and a serving of fat
POST: a full meal amount of lean protein and a fist sized serving of starchy veggie

OTHER THOUGHTS: If you have been using supplements "to lose weight" as you've stated above, my suspicion is that you have not been adequately nourishing yourself with enough real food; caloric restriction. If that is the case, understand that you could experience a temporary gaining of weight while your body understands that whole, nutritious food is inbound on a regular schedule. 

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