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First Whole30 (started Aug 26, 2016)


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Technically yesterday was my first day of doing Whole30, but of course I forgot to start my log then.

So here's yesterday, August 26, 2016.

Day 1

Meal 1: 2 hard boiled eggs, handful of carrots, 1 T almond butter, and some peppermint tea

Meal 2: chicken & mushrooms with lemon/garlic sauce, asparagus, unsweetened iced tea

Meal 3: burger (no bun or other fixing, just some compliant seasonings); cauliflower, carrots, and rutabaga; green tea

Notes: I have discovered that I really cannot stomach either the texture or taste of uncooked vegetables. I'm really weird like that so half my carrots were raw and the other half were slightly steamed from the microwave because I was getting desperate. Pre-Whole30 I was an avid milk drinker so I'm also beginning to struggle with drinking tea all the time (although in the weeks before I started my W30 I did cut back milk to one glass a day). I also experienced some crabbiness today because I couldn't have sugar (probably going to a fair on Day 0 and binging on sugary things was a really really bad idea). It's going to be a rough trip... But I'm still hopeful for getting Tiger Blood and sleeping great in the upcoming weeks that I'll deal with the crabbiness. Hopefully those close to me won't be too irritated with me.

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Well, due to a pumpkin chai tea and some thought. I've decided to postpone my Whole30 until after I finish my swimming season for college. It's just not feasible for me to be W30 while I don't have complete control over my food choices. However, I am going to try and eat Whole30-ish (perhaps limiting dairy and gluten) and using the meal planning ideas from the program. My main goal is to cut out sugar except for special occasions.

I'm not entirely happy with this decision, but it would be way too stressful otherwise. This is probably the best decision for now, and I'm for sure going to do a W30 after swimming season ends.

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