How to Enter the "Real World" Again: Seeking Advice From Seasoned Whole 30-ers

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I'm finishing my Whole 30 on Friday...WOOOO HOOOO I'm excited...but nervous. Truly. I decided to do a Whole 60 instead of Whole 30 so the thought of coming off of 60 days of clean eating scares the bejesus out of me. Yes, I have read the book, and I see how you do three days of this one thing and three days of this other thing, but I'm wondering...

What if I just miss a few food items, period. Do I have to, say, try black beans on day 9 to see how they work for me if black beans are not something I'm particularly craving or have a fond memory of? Can I just go on with life eating whole 30 clean and then 3 months from now, or 6 months from now, if I want to have mexican and I'm thinking about beans, I try the black beans then and see what happens? It's all an experiment, right?

I just miss Starbucks chai and want to see how that sits with my stomach. That's my plan for the first 3 days, if I make it that far without the milk killing me. (I intend to come up with my own chai recipe at home skipping dairy and using nut milk and honey, but I digress...)

I miss beer. I figure that might be a test for a few days too? Not anything crazy, but having a beer or two to see how that sits?

I miss this one cookie I used to get at one of the local health food stores. I guess I could try that too and see, on its own, how it does in my system?

And do I have to do this in the particular order outlined or can I start with beer (it is the weekend, it'd be nice to have a beer out and be social) and THEN hit up dairy...or thoughts on that....?

I outlined this in another post, but my goal going forward is to treat this like I'm still on the Whole 30 but that sometimes, when the occasion is right and the food in question is worth it, I have a little somethin' somethin' that isn't on the list of foods approved by Whole 30. And that's it. I don't see a burning desire to try to add bread back when really, I can't imagine why I'd want it right now. Does that make sense?

Hoping you moderators and seasoned veterans can help a sistah out.

Much love.

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Yep, I'd only test the things you really miss and plan (or at least would like to plan) on adding back to your normal life eating/drinking. I think the key to reintroduction is to add one thing at a time and give yourself time to see how it effects your body before moving to the next thing...

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I really like your plan and think I will do the same thing. I finished my second whole 30 on Sept 30th and haven't added anything in. In fact, I was having a lot of itchy skin problems and decided it could be the huge amount of eggs I am eating between the 3 I have in the morning and the massive amounts of mayo I consume in one form or another. The itching went away so not I am slowly bringing the eggs back, but I won't go so crazy with them. My daughter asked me to make some chili. I'm going to make the chocolate chili and she specifically asked if I'd put beans in it (knowing I wouldn't unless she asked) so I think I will make one batch with and one without, but I will eat a couple of bowls with beans to see how they make me feel. I am fine with no beans, but they'll be here, so I think I'll try it.

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