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Started Whole 30 Aug 22


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Hi - first post to this forum.  My wife and I started Whole 30 7 days ago.  We were motivated by a friend and his wife who had great success on the program.  It is amazing how accurate the timeline is on moods and body reactions to the program.  Our challenges are maybe a little different that many.  I am a good home cook and our general diet is pretty healthy - low sugar, no sodas, etc. but I have just not been losing weight.  Our weakness is wine.  But, so far so good.  I have a decent list of good dishes to make but need to expand my recipe list.  My go-to's so far have been Thai curries, ratatouille, frittatas, various salads, salsas, various squash dishes, and various seafood dishes.  Luckily eating non-traditional breakfasts are old hat to me but my wife is in transition.  I'll check back later.  Good luck to everyone. 

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