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Starting on 8/29!


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Hi All, I'm starting Whole30 round 3 tomorrow morning. My SO has committed to doing it with me (it will be his first), but he's apprehensive. I'm hoping we can get to feeling better together.

My background: I did my first Whole30 in December 2012-January 2013. I was sad to find out that dairy was the cause of my long-time digestive woes. And trust me, it was easy to decide that the consequences just weren't "worth it." Other off-plan foods sneak into my diet, but I eat mostly paleo under normal circumstances. After 2 recent rounds of antibiotics which my digestive system just hasn't recovered from, I decided enough was enough, and the Whole30 is back in my life.

We spent the morning shopping, and the afternoon prepping. I'm trying to show the SO that this won't be much different from our normal way of eating (except for 30 days without his beloved beer). Wish us patience. :-)

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