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Starting Whole 30 August 29!


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Hello! I am twenty five years old, am five foot four and weigh 160 pounds. During college, I went from 130 pounds to 170 pounds. My junior year I was at my heaviest. I joined the Y, started cooking for myself and lost ten pounds. I then lost ten more after breaking up with my then boyfriend. I was ecstatic, but have since gained that 10 back. My fiance and I are getting married on October 29 of this year and we are heading to Hawaii on our honeymoon. I am so very excited. I have realized, over time, that I feel better when I am eating more real foods. I am a very active person. My fiance and I run, do different workout programs, and enjoy hiking together. It is not enough for me as I struggle with unrealistic hunger, cravings, and general hangriness. I am a nanny for two boys right now and their family keeps a lot of processed food in the house. I think this is fifty percent of why I am struggling to budge from 160, even while exercising five days a week. I have food available to me most days anytime I feel I want it. I know I don't need it, but that does not stop me. As we prepare for marriage, we also consider children and what that will look like. I want to stay home with our future babies, but I truly want to be the best I can be and I believe that includes eating healthy and feeling my best all the time. I need a kick start to kick my cravings. I am ready to shed a few inches for my bikini and feel more energetic! 

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