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Day 1 of a new me!


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Hello my name is Megann. I am beggining my Whole 30 journey on August 29. I'm feeling all kinds of feels at the moment. I'm nervous, overwhelmed, but most of all I'm excited! I can't wait to see where this journey takes me! My hope is to train my body and mind that food should not be my comfort. To learn to remind myself that food is not a reward. Eat to live not live to eat. I have my house cleaned out and plenty of food to get me started! I have through Thursday completely planned. Here's to day 1! :)

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Hey Megann

I started today too... (this is my 10th W30).  I have found that the program is a little different for everyone but for me it gives me so much control (or it feels like it). When I am OFF PROGRAM (like I have been for the summer) food rules my thinking and is often the foundation for my day.  When on plan, my day is the foundation for my day and food is well, just fuel.  I really enjoy the W30 eating template (which helps) but for me, the sense of control is worth so much to me.  I hope you find his too. 

I find it is best for me to keep it simple.  Find foods you like (on plan of course) and make them in volume.  Don't try to do too many fancy recipes too early out of the gate.  It is easy to get cooking / baking exhaustion on the plan so (for me) trying too many new things can be overwhelming and expensive.  Find 5-6 things you like and do them well in volume for the first 2 weeks.  I try to do one "new" thing a week to keep it interesting but not overwhelming.  

Here are my day 1 meals:

M1 - 3 poached eggs, small banana and some cucumber with salt and pepper.

M2 - Steak (cooked last night), roasted potatoes and cut veggies with an apple

M3 - Chicken (mustard, chili seasoning, garlic) with a big kale/cabbage salad (EVOO and Balsamic)


There are so many other benefits (beyond control) that are well worth the effort.  On my first W30, I learned so much about myself and food.  Welcome to the journey.  I still learn more about myself every time.

Good luck and "Welcome to the club"!!!!



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Thanks, dj for the information.

I like the part about simple meals....I spent yesterday making Ghee, and today making Sunshine Sauce and Sesame Sauce. I start my 1st Whole30 Thursday the 1st.

Good luck Megann & Christine :)


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