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Husband & Wife Post Whole30 - Reintroduction of foods & beyond!


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Hi.. Post Whole 30!!

I am logging our experiences with reintroduction of foods.

Keeping in mind our reasons for doing the W30.

Elise – Weightloss, headaches, tiredness, mood swings, stress and just not feeling great.

Tim – Very specifically allergies. Sneezing, sniffles, headaches, coughing etc. Mood changes. Ability to cope with frustrations or in stressful situations.


I don't know how much of the following is as an exact result of the foods we consumed but quite simply this is what happened. Note: All the other foods/meals are W30 compliant.

DAY 31 – Test Day 1 - Dairy


Black coffee, small splash of full cream milk. Pork Meatballs, Blueberries & Strawberries

Elise - Hated the feeling of the milk fats on my tongue, made me queasy

Tim – Fine (loves milk)


Elise – I don't particularly like yoghurt, pre-W30 I ate it because a doctor told me I should have it every day. And I do what's good for me! But I'm not going to lie, it was delicious. Probably because I chose cheesecake flavour and it was the first sweet thing in a while, however toward the bottom of the pot I started feeling queasy. A few minutes later I was coughing and a headache started. I felt sick and a little anxious.. it's like I could feel the sugar working through my body like a poison. Dramatic? Yes well it wasn't a good feeling.

30 mins later felt fine.

Tim – He loved it. But shortly after, like only 15 mins the sniffles & conjestion started. I am not kidding. This is pretty damning.

By 10am, I feel a massive headache coming on..I feel nauseas and a little dizzy & a litle hyper! By 12pm, totally back to normal. No major issues.


I was considering whether I even wanted to continue this testing period? Not particularly but I'm going to so hopefully I'll never have to do it again and I'll actually be able to say, no these foods do not agree with me.

Chicken Thigh (small piece) – rubbed with spice & grilled. Salad, avocado & 2 poached eggs. Mayo. 1 golden kiwi

3:30pm – Cheese Test!

I chose a piece of EDAM. It's a mild cheese so I didn't think it would be too hard on the taste buds after such a long hiatus.

Elise: First bite.. hmmm how do I feel about this?

Fourth bite.. oh yeah.. I love.

Finished.. 30 mins later.. a little queasy.

Tim: Nothing really.. didn't particularly enjoy the cheese.

4:30 – Cappucino.. my life source prior to W30.

Went with ½ fat version cause I didn't think I couldn't stomach the heavy. Taste.. good.. film in mouth.. bad. Bodily reaction.. ? Less than half way through started feeling sick & had a few crazy headspins. Didn't finish it!


T-Bone Steak (Crap it was huge! I couldn't eat it all) sauted red & green cabbage with garlic, capsicum, cauliflower and onion.

Dessert!! :wub: 1 x 100ml tub Ben & Jerry's Vanilla, 1 x 100ml tub Ben & Jerry's Triple Choc (We shared)

Elise – OMG………drool……….. orgasmic sounds……………….ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Tim - OMG………drool……….. orgasmic sounds……………….ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Every mouthful was absolute bliss!

Side effects

Tim – Within 15 minutes of finishing the ice-cream his sinuses were conjested and his eyes watering. I think he might have actually been crying because he know's he can't tolerate dairy. :(

Elise – No major reactions until my mouth became irritated.. swollen gums and inflamed mouth/tongue. For an adult with braces this sux!

Does dairy make the cut for future indulgence treat times?


OUT – Milk, yoghurt. IN – Ice-cream, cheese.

I freaking love cheese! It's one of the things I feared never having again and plan for it to be part of my off-roading future. I don't eat it on sandwiches or in salads. I just love it for all its cheesy goodness by itself. In fact red wine & cheese together, nothing better. Milk I don't particularly like or yoghurt and I very rarely eat ice-cream anyway.. it's not a problem for me on a crave level. And it will be a rare indulgence in the future and I won't be taking cheese singles out of the fridge for a snack ever again but I will have a piece of camembert or danish blue when it's really good.

Tim – This was a very sad day for him. He is definitely in mourning.

Tim grew up in a very dairy household. His father was the GM for one of the biggest milk/dairy companies in Australia. So it was milk, custard, yoghurt, cheese, cream, ice-cream every single day! And as much as I could take it or leave it, he loves it! I am not looking forward to the conversation one day when I go through a pregnancy not consuming dairy!

But his strong reaction to it so quickly and that reaction being the one main reason he did the Whole30 says NO.

OUT – Dairy in general. IN – Ice-cream (rare treat worth the side effects), Milk & Cheese in small quantities.

We are both okay today, I woke up tired and feeling a little sick but okay. Tim is still a bit sad. Truth hurts.

Not going to lie.. we are both excited for the next test on Saturday gluten containing grains and we plan to have a beer! If I react badly to it. I will indeed smudge my mascara. :unsure:

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Sounds like you had a big day!

It's good knowing how certain foods really make you feel, even if it means avoiding what you used to love most. You've done it for a month, you know you CAN do it!

I am actually waiting to dairy testing day (November 1st). I have allergy issues (asthma) and doing the W30 to see if avoiding dairy makes life better. Grains, on the other hand, I'm pretty sure I'm just going to avoid after this month anyway. :) But I should give beer a chance. ;)

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Day 2 & 3

No lasting side effects for either of us from the dairy; Tim's congestion cleared up by the morning after. I can see that a build up of daily consumption would be very bad for him. Surprising he is okay with it all.. He's so happy with how he feels he isn't devastated about the news.

We have decided to add another test on Day 13 – Lactose Free Dairy, just to compare & see if it's any better. The man loves his milk!

Day 4 – Gluten Test

WOOHOO!! Excited for this day. It couldn't have been more perfect falling on a Saturday we had a friends party to go to.


Eggs & Bacon, Blueberries, Coffee, Coconut Milk.

Tim – 2 Pieces Toast

Elise – 1 Piece Toast.

We both had trouble chewing it! It felt like uncooked dough. I was so looking forward to the bread and I was really disappointed so was Tim. BOO! :(

Effects – Both were bloated, no other effect.

Lunch – Pumpkin Ravioli, Napolitan Sauce & Pine Nuts

So excited I LOVE PASTA. I had no instant reaction to this other than feeling bloated. Tim was the same but he is take it or leave it with pasta anyway.

Dinner – Bavarian Beer Café Birthday Dinner

Elise – Pork Knuckle, Saurkraut & Saute Veg.. I ordered a real pretzel & a Wheat Beer. OMG YUM! :lol:

My food was ridiculous it was so good! The pretzel was so fresh & definitely worth it! Beer was so good! I stopped at one though.. I was the designated driver which made it easy for me to behave!

Effects – Apart from way over eating.. I had a really upset stomach shortly after dinner. I assume it was a build up of everything that day. I was constipated which carried over for another day. Very sad considering that's the main problem I fixed during my W30. And the following day (5).. I was a cranky biatch! :angry: I had to get fuel and I was bombarded by all the confectionary offers on display.. I wanted it ALL.

Tim – Tasting Platter – Pork Belly, Sausage, Schnitzel, Saurkraut & Wheat Beer (I told him he was only allowed one beer so he ordered a 1 litre stein! I didn't specify how big it had to be.. my bad heheh)

Effects – By 11pm he sounded like he had a cold and he snored all night! Tim NEVER snores. He was congested well into the following day.

Is Gluten part of our future?

I think on this point it will be the same for both of us. In our daily diet it is OUT. The occasional bowl of pasta, fresh bread roll and beer will be treasured!


When I eat off-plan foods I lose control. Temptation is strong and you are left feeling very weak! I was so strong and in control during my W30 and during this reintroduction/testing period it is my strength of will that has been tested more than the food in question.

Without the strict rules in place there is all this room to 'consider' other foods.. like 'well it's not banned anymore so........'

Who would have thought someone like myself would live so easily within a strict set of rules? It still amazes me. Apparently I need it.

Day 6 (Today)

We seem to be pretty much back to normal. Tim has a headache but we are both okay.

I don't know if it's a build up of all the things we are testing but I'm just not feeling as good as I did during my W30. I think at the end of the testing period we will do a super strict whole7 just to get back to where we were last week.


I started a new W30 today.. not exactly food related and it was my husband's idea.

I am not allowed to purchase anything but groceries for 30 days!! AGGGGHHHHH!! I do have a bit of a shopping problem, I'll admit. So in the spirit of my whole 30 success here goes!


1. No purchasing of anything for 30 days, except for groceries & a birthday present for Tim (his rule!)

2. Must drink a minimum of ½ glass of water with every meal & in between.

3. Must be in bed at a time that allows 8 hours until my alarm goes off. (This is the one destined to fail first day!)

Stay tuned. Day 7 – Non Gluten Grains (Tomorrow).. Fluffy rice please be as good as I remember! :unsure:

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Lorraine isn't it so sad! :( We get food hangovers now!

I'm still looking forward to the cupcake I plan to eat in another 10 days once all the testing is done. It will only hurt for a little while! That's the good thing about the reintro I can make an informed decision on what I will cheat with.

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I'm a little late posting this!! I've been slammed at work for weeks now :( Many late nights.

Reintroduction of Non-Gluten Containing Grains.


2 slices gluten free multigrain bread, 2 eggs, Blueberries, Strawberries

No unusual responses from either of us after this breakfast.


Apple slices with Almond & Chia Butter


Corn based Cous Cous (GF) & Lamb, Morrocan style salad.

Tim - No issue

Elise - Oh dear!! It was so delicious but within an hour I was in the bathroom (with urgency!) :o

I was expecting it, I knew corn had this effect on me. Damn it!


Jasmin Rice, Beef Stir-Fry loaded with veg & W30 compliant sauce.

No issues from either of us.

Apart from the corn for me, there was no noticible effects to either of us on this day.. EXCEPT...I struggled through my Body Attack class. and I mean struggled! I had absolutely no energy.. my class was at 6:30pm (so before my dinner). I probably should have had a snack especially after my post-lunch corn reaction.

Are non-gluten containing grains part of our future?


Treat days.. maybe on weekends we might have a piece of gluten free bread with our breakfast or a wrap at lunch.. And maybe some rice every now & then for treats.

& NO

We've realised that although these foods (with the exception of corn) don't have a bad effect on us they do effect our energy levels.

And.. the day after eating these foods all I want is bad things!! The day after my sugar-dragon was in attack mode. It was nasty & turned me into a cranky bitch.

Dangerous Places

Petrol Stations!! I've decided this is the worst place for me to be. Every time I pay for fuel I am inundated with clever marketing & new packaging on every kind of candy bar, chocolate, chips, drinks right in my line of sight. It is testing to say the least.

How is my Spend-Free W30 going?

Not so good. Oopsy.. Although I haven't bought anything in any shops.. I accidentally without thought bought a new book for my kindle on amazon.. I finished one & bought the next without thinking! I told my husband & he said he'd let it slide it was only a few dollars.

But I broke both pairs of sunglasses within a week & I'm still not allowed to buy anything! This is way harder than the real Whole30!

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The final test.. Legumes.

We didn't structure this day as well as the others but we had soy cappucinos and chilli with beans.

I had chick peas with my lunch.

No disasterly reactions from anything which I was quite suprised about.

What I can say is over the re-introction week my digestive system was all out of whack and this was very disappointing considering it's what i fixed.

After the test days, I woke up with bad breath & a bad taste in my mouth. Another thing that never ocurred during W30.


Tim & I have been living as close to W30 Monday to Friday every week and we make our decisions on the weekends based on 1. What's the potential damage? 2. Is it worth it?

So far so good. I have put almost 1kg on since but I'm in no way concerned.

I am struggling with energy a little now and I am no where near as organised as I was during W30. Preparing meals constantly forced me to be better organised in all areas of my life so this week I'm concentrating on bringing that back.

Looking forward to our next more specific W30 in February!

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