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Day 1


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I ignored all of the warnings in the books and I was not fully prepared this morning, but I could not wait to start! I was sick of feeling like a lump! Anyway, I knew I had a grapefruit and eggs to be eaten so I could make it until the afternoon when I could go to Kroger. I felt like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. I ate two eggs at breakfast and two eggs at lunch!! I could be egged out, but I am about to make the spinach frittata for my next few breakfasts. I felt so amazing after eating two boiled eggs and green beans for lunch. I cooked the kids I watch mac and cheese and I didn't have one lick!! For me, that is AMAZING. After that, it was like a high. I got off work at two and went to a local meat shop and Kroger. Kroger was hard. I got hungry. I saw chips. I loved buying so much fresh food, though and was super excited to see what it would make throughout the week! While checking out, the man behind me was buying basically everything I couldn't have. Yogurt, bread, potato chips, cheese, processed pasta... Things that sound better than they taste... I am actually still reveling in how good those kabobs tasted for dinner!! Real food is good food. My fiance and I ran 3.5 miles and I did some yoga tonight, so I am hungry again and will probably snack on some almonds or a banana. I DID DAY ONE!!!

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